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Dec 10, 2022


Mathematics is a key subject that forms an essential part of any child’s education from an early age. It is not just a discipline but also a useful tool to enable individuals to live everyday lives. As a result, it's critical to instill a love of mathematics in kids from a young age. This idea inspired the creation of Mathnasium, which aims to foster a love of mathematics in young children by making arithmetic problems exciting and engaging for them to solve and supporting concept-based learning. 


It began in the US in 2002 with just one center, but because of its ground-breaking concepts, it has now grown to over 1000 centers across more than 200 territories worldwide. The success story speaks for itself when it comes to the level of pedagogy leveraged by Mathnasium.


So what exactly is Mathnasium, or the Mathnasium MethodTM ? We can respond to this query by outlining our straightforward ideology. Instead of seeing pupils as a herd or a group of people who are of the same age, we consider them to be distinct individuals. We are aware that every student is endowed with a distinct set of skills, progresses at a different rate in their learning and understanding, and has varying preferences for various instructional modalities. Therefore, putting a similar age group of different children in the same class and teaching them the same curriculum doesn't make sense.


Although it normally works better on a larger scale, the teaching methodology used in traditional mathematics classes is significantly different, and we may not always agree with it. It puts students of similar ages in the same classroom and teaches them the same curriculum without catering to their individual personalities and needs. 


For instance, it is extremely likely that two 8-year-old children will possess varying levels of mathematical aptitude and interest. One child may be a math prodigy who is much beyond his or her years and is already adept at solving algebraic or calculus problems. On the other hand, there might be another 8-year-old in the same class who has problems with arithmetic, or even worse, a certain student in the same class might have undetected dyscalculia. Teaching them mathematics from the same textbook and at the same pace just doesn't make sense, and we cannot go on to teach them the same curriculum at the same pace and expect them to compete with each other during exams.


The Mathnasium approach was born as an answer to this traditional approach. Every time a new student joins one of our programs, we thoroughly evaluate both their personality and their numerical prowess. Then, we come up with a matching approach to tutor them in a way that best meets their individual needs and abilities. We provide skillful tutoring and indulge students in group tasks to enhance their problem-solving skills. 


When enrolling their children in Mathnasium centers or our online programs, many parents ask us how they can entirely do away with the textbooks that are currently being taught in their children's schools. You need not fear; we recognize that this issue is legitimate.


With our approach, kids are not given a ton of homework to add to their already heavy workloads. We are not traditional teachers who assign a ton of homework; rather, we are helpers. In fact, if your children are already having trouble with their math homework from school, we will help them by making it enjoyable for them to do.


On the other hand, if you believe that your child is being held back by the school's curriculum because they are much ahead of their class in math. Regardless of their level, we will evaluate them and design a course that fits their interests and talents. In any case, we make certain that your child develops a passion for arithmetic and eagerly anticipates their next math lesson.


You will notice a positive shift in your child's attitude toward arithmetic, particularly if they have previously struggled with math.

We are excited to announce that, in order to encourage Saudi children to develop a passion for mathematics, we are bringing this well-known method to the country of Saudi Arabia to aid the future generation’s progress in line with Vision 2030. For the time being, we are opening facilities in Riyadh and beginning courses that have been specially designed for Saudi children in accordance with the regional curriculum. We have taken the franchise from Mathnasium to open 45 centers across Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia has set out on a journey of financial and technological advancement under Vision 2030, as intended by HRH. Our goal is to provide Saudi youngsters with the mathematics skills necessary for them to attain this future within the upcoming years. We are pleased to play a part in changing the ecology of mathematical instruction across the country, especially at the school level, given Saudi Arabia's forward-thinking approach to education under Vision 2030 and the deeply fostered love for STEM. 


We are very excited to open our doors to the brilliant young minds of Saudi Arabia, and we are honored to play our part in taking this beautiful country forward towards more progress by fostering a deep love for mathematics in students from a very early stage. 


Let us hope this partnership goes places!


Happy Learning!